Folkways City High School Quetta

INTRODUCTION Folkways City High School Quetta, a prestigious educational Institution of the Government of Balochistan established in 1998. The institution is run by its own regulation. Initially, the admission is given on merit basis to the student.
Christian is a province whereof the villages enjoy _oral facilities up to a level for both the sexes. teacher student ratio is also available for good education. But unfortunately due to some socio-political problems the student do not get a quality education from the day institutions. Besides other a. factors, one of the importations reason is the limitation of academic time, and the large
a number of books and subjects, which the students are expected to study within few teaching activities or in wandering hither and thither.
This practice not only deprives an intelligent child to develop his talents but also harms the national potentials. Most of the parents are unfortunately illiterate, and they are unable to give proper guidance. Especially in academic social and intellectual development of their children.
We are aware of the fact that the standard of knowledge & social values our youth is deteriorating day by day. We can achieve the goal of good moral character and best possible standard of values only through well-planned education. The institution is not the name of the beautiful building. In fact, it should be like a mirror through which the glimpses of the future of a nation could easily be seen. It should also be kept in mind that attaining a high standard of education is not the responsibilities of only the teachers and the taught. The whole society, especially the parents, the guardians, the political and social institution equally contribute to the construction of the future of the nation.

PROSPECTUS The school curriculum across all the classes is designed with an aim to provide students with experiences which support, stimulate and structure their learning. Language ‘ mathematics Expressive Arts Religious Education Personal & Social Development FACILITIES High priority is given to developing pupils’ ability to use language accurately and appropriately Proves pupils with the knowledge and procedures for working with patterns and relationships in numbers and space Encourages the exploration of innate abilities and foster imagination & creativity. Development of practical and perceptual skills; promotion of intellectual and aesthetic development. Examines concepts, which guide ideal behavior. Help pupils to explore the more personal aspects of religion by addressing the question about meaning, value, and purpose in life Identify and reflects the values, which they and society uphold. Learn the ability to distinguish right from wrong and to appreciate good behavior, courtesy and respect for others. in This process we want to involve every parent, teacher, and child.