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Folkways City High School

Co-Extracurricular activities

Co-Extracurricular activities

Clubs and Societies

Science Club.
Health Society.
Educational Society.
Computer Science Society.
Fine Arts Club.
Islamic Society.
Debating Club.
Literary Society.
Society for Neema Narhai.
Photography Club.
Sports Society.
Mother Earth Society.
Adventure Club.
Creative and Innovative Society.
Awareness Society.
Society for Special Persons.
Cultural Society.

Sports and Physical Education

MESF school provide various sports facilities to students at school which includes indoor and outdoor sports activities. Students go on to participate in matches at various levels. Moreover, Physical Education (PE) lessons are a vital part of the regular school timetable. Our professional Physical Education Instructor is mentoring our students in this regard. We prepare children for lifelong involvement in sports and physical activity, promoting confidence, fitness and well-being, as well as a healthy sense of competition.

Educational Tours

MESF School provide Educational Tours to our students on both level (local and National).

Professional Development

MESF School, continuously, provide professional development trainings and workshops to our staff to maintain and advance their skills, knowledge and competencies, specifically as they relate and add value to the job and workplace.

Library Learning Resource Program

Students Counselling

MESF has started Students counselling program to help those students who are facing different problems in their learning process. The program also helps those students who have some social and emotional problems.