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MESF Learner Profile

MESF Learner Profile


By combining knowledge, skills, critical and innovative thinking and global awareness, the MESF Learner Profile serves as a cornerstone in the holistic development of students. However, the MESF Learner Profile help teachers to identify different ways of learning which are helpful in the process of learning. MESF promotes holistic learning that addresses students’ intellectual, emotional and physical development, preparing them to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. The aim of the learner profile is to serve as the foundation for our curricula and teaching philosophy.

Creative & Innovative

MESF school provide opportunities and also support its students to generate cutting edge creative and innovative ideas which are the need of the 21 st century and will make them able to learn through their creation and innovation so that they could contribute positively.


MESF school believes on the enhancement of analytical skills of student facilitate and support them to create logical connections between ideas. So that they could see the different aspects of the society critically and understand various existing phenomena, which will ultimately help them in understanding the complex world.

Health & Hygiene-Conscious

As good Health is necessary for better learning and contributing, MESF school promote and support student awareness to ensure that all students could make conscious decisions about healthy living. We create awareness about different health issues in our students and make them our health ambassadors to the society.


Empathy is the best approach to see and feel others. MESF school believes in enhancing the empathetic sense of students and promote and support good works and community service so our students can empathise with others, ensuring the development of a more just, caring and compassionate world.

Ethical and Responsible

MESF school has a wide range of activities which makes our students ethically and morally strong and responsible. We provide different opportunities through which the students understand their responsibilities.

Digitally Literate

MESF school students are using different technologies on daily basis, so it’s imperative to make the students learn about the ethical and positive use of Information Communication Technologies. We are trying to make our students media-savvy, so that they could use media positively to gratify their needs.